As you may already know, there are several pocket square holders on the market. But now the question arises, how do you actually use this pocket square holder correctly? Today I explain that to you here in the instructions.

Time needed: 2 minutes

Using a pocket square holder is not difficult.

  1. Fold your pocket square

    Fold your pocket square according to our insructions.

  2. Put your pocket square in the pocket square holder

    As soon as the pocket square is completely folded, you put it in the pocket square holder. This then fixes the handkerchief in place and ensures that it does not slip or come out of its folded shape

  3. Put it all together in your suit

    Then put the handkerchief with the handkerchief holder together in your suit and you’re done.

Now you can go to the next event without your handkerchief slipping.